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Working With Me

Hello, if you are interested in working with me let me tell you a little more…

With all photography projects I want them to be the best they can be for both you and I. Therefore should it be required or beneficial I help guide you with it, offer you advice and make suggestions on how to elevate your project. Often with regular clients I become a friend and confidant to their business. I take a keen interest in all my clients and genuinely want to see them do well.

I have a commitment to good design and aim to champion the best. Many of the projects I work on are great as they are but there are also many that have potential. I aim to spot this potential and if you embrace my advice together we can aim to reach new heights and attract more attention for your business. My approach to my work and relationship with my clients typically results in a wonderful collaboration.

With all my photography projects I bring 15 years of art direction experience and should your business be in need of more than photography I can also work with you on your brand.

FAQs for Photography Projects
Who owns the copyright and what are my usage rights to the images?

The photographer always remains the copyright owner of the images. The images are licensed to you for the intended purpose. It is important to discuss this aspect of the project at the beginning so you are clear about your usage rights to the images.

Can I have the RAW files and all the photos taken?

RAW files are not supplied unless under special circumstances and it is part of the deal from the very beginning which will reflect in the fee. Typically it is not necessary for you to have them. I also do not supply all the images taken on the shoot. I select the best ones and provide you with the number of images discussed or requested. You receive the final edited product.

Can I further edit or add filters to the images?

Similar to an artist I create images based on my style and desired aesthetic, this is the reason you are working with me. Please do not alter the images in any way. Occasionally for advertising purposes this will be required which is discussed at the onset of the project. Images may need to be cropped for websites or design layouts which is ok.

Do I need to credit you when using the images or having the images published?

Yes please, unless it is not possible such as advertisements please credit ‘Ruth Maria Murphy’. Publishers have a duty to make sure they credit photographers, artists and designers for their work. I also appreciate that my clients credit me too. I will always champion my clients and those that publish my work.

Can I give my images to suppliers or other people involved in my project?

Images are my product and cannot be given to anyone else to use as their own without consent and associated fee. Please discuss this at the beginning of the project.

If you see your product/ work in an image of mine you can purchase it directly from me. Please understand if I am hired by one client but there are numerous other businesses involved in creating the work I am photographing I will not nor can my client supply all involved with my images for free. You should have been paid for the work you have done unless you agreed not to be. No one is entitled to the image for free.

Can I use the images of my project if a magazine is publishing it?

If a magazine commissions your project for their magazine then there will generally be an embargo on the images for a certain period of time. You will not be able to obtain usage rights to the images until this embargo is finished. If you commission your own photographs and then seek publication it can be slightly different, although the best potential for a feature is not to have published the images anywhere prior.  I can talk you through this if you have a project which has the potential to be of interest to a magazine.

Unauthorised use of my images is protected under international copyright law.

— Work with Ruth Maria


  • Most of the homes I photograph have a beautiful mid-century modern sideboard in them no matter the style of house or over all decor. A testament to both the design and functionality of these pieces. They just work! I’ve been following Killian McNulty of @the_vintage_hub  @midcenturyonline ever since I photographed his home which was about 5 years ago, his knowledge and vast collection of not only sideboards but everything you can imagine is so interesting and I covet nearly every one of his finds. Nice piece in the Irish Times home & design section today on this popular piece of furniture. Sideboard seen here designed by #kofordlarsen sitting perfectly in the new home of @dermotbannon #midcenturymodern #sideboard #interiors #interior #home #living #furniture #design #vintage #irishinteriors #irisharchitecture #interiorsphotography #interiorsphotographer #ruthmaria #designphotography #editorialphotography
  • I love this photo of Susie. I took it in one of the bedrooms on a sunny morning at @dun_aluinn Susie is an architect and responsible for the incredible restoration and interior design of this magnificent house. Now featuring in Italy’s @livingcorriere magazine. #interiors #people #portrait #portraitphotography #interior #editorialphotography #designphotography #interiorsphotography #interiorsphotographer #ruthmaria #home #living #design #interiorsmagazine #luxuryhomes #luxeathome #art #architect
  • A pretty bedroom corner at the home of Eniko @mydarkhome_ her house tour featuring in the March issue of @homes_antiques story written by @serena_fokschaner #interiors #home #living #eclecticdecor #eclectichome #interiorsphotography #interiorsphotographer #ruthmaria #irishinteriors #published #bedroom #bedroomdecor #pretty
  • My shoot of @dun_aluinn is featured in Italy’s ever so popular and fabulous @livingcorriere magazine! I look forward to receiving my copy soon. 😊 This incredible house is making its way around the world! 🙌🏻 #interiors #livingcorriere #published #beautifulplaces #living #home #interiorsphotography #interiorsphotographer #ruthmaria #editorialphotography #designphotography #interiorsmagazine #italy #beautifulspaces #luxuryhomes #
  • Gorgeous room leading to gorgeous room at @gloster_house Delighted this magnificent 300 year old Georgian home made the cover story of the new issue of @period_living magazine. It’s one of the most magical places I’ve been to and so grateful it is where I got to get married. #green #greeninterior #periodliving #coverstory #georgian #beautifulplaces #interiors #irishinteriors #luxuryhomes #weddingvenue #interiorsphotography #interiorsphotographer #ruthmaria #editorialphotography
  • @sundaytimeshome recently mentioned the new @thedesign_seeker showroom curated by @suziemcadam which I had the pleasure of photographing. It’s open for business and oozes luxury! 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻✨#irishinteriors #luxuryinteriors #interiors #showroom #designer #interiordesign #interiorsphotography #interiorsphotographer #ruthmaria #luxuryhomes

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